Monday, November 5, 2018

Alpha Chi Omega: Homecoming 2018

Our very first homecoming in our house was definitely one for the books! To kickoff homecoming weekend we had our house dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony! We welcomed back over 80 alumni over the course of the weekend for the ceremony, Chicken Finger Friday, Sunday brunch, and even just to hang out on the couch and watch the football game with us. (finally a win! Woo pig!) It was really cool to see familiar faces of our alumni that recently graduated and also alumni that were a part of the Delta Rho chapter over 50 years ago.

This year I was lucky enough to serve as a homecoming chair for Alpha Chi and I had an absolute blast! The homecoming committee designed our pomps, banners, and float, planned our alumni events, and even worked some power tools for pomp construction. (shoutout to the men of Pi Kappa Alpha though- we couldn’t have done it without them!) The girls in our chapter put in tons of hard work and dedication to help the homecoming committee and our dream was brought to life! It may have rained on our pomps but it sure didn’t rain on our parade! No really, it stopped raining just in time for the parade! We loved participating in this years homecoming parade and pep rally, and some of our girls even got featured on the news!

All the craziness of last minute all night pomping sessions, and of course late night coffee and Whataburger runs, was totally worth it and I already can’t wait for homecoming next year!

Alpha Delta Pi: Homecoming 2018

Homecoming is the oldest tradition for University of Arkansas students and alumni alike. Each year the community comes together to celebrate and show their Razorback pride. This year, Alpha Delta Pi paired with Beta Theta Pi and Phi Beta Sigma to show our spirit through the A Place You Call Home themed homecoming. We were very busy making new friends and bonding with our sisters while creating our float for the homecoming parade.

On October 19th, we got to show off our hard work in the homecoming parade. We walked, cheered, and chanted with our sisters down Dickson street to show our Razorback and ADPi spirit! After the homecoming parade, ADPi sisters supported NPHC greek life at their annual step up show! We had a great time cheering on all the teams and watching all their work pay off. (Congratulations to Alpha Phi Alpha!)

We also spent time giving back to our community by volunteering at the Fayetteville Public Library and training with puppies. Our sisters always enjoy showing our appreciation for Fayetteville and the University of Arkansas through community service. Sisters of Alpha Delta Pi also hosted sisterhood events where we bonded with our sisters while printing custom t-shirts at B-unlimited.

Alpha Omicron Pi: Homecoming 2018

Our chapter was paired with Sigma Chi and Alpha Gamma Rho. As we all worked together to get those boards done, it was the perfect time to sit and get to know one another. I talked to one of our new members, Kait Horrell, she said, “My first homecoming was surprisingly really fun. I was expecting it to be like any normal week… getting to see the pomping boards displayed on the front lawn, made me really appreciate the hard work all of the girls put in!”

Regardless of how cold and rainy the parade was, it was still the perfect time for us to spend some time with each other and to show our love for not only AOII and Greek Life but for the UofA! I talked to another new member, Maddie Louis, about what she enjoyed the most about her first Arkansas homecoming and she said, “My first homecoming was a lot of fun because I got the chance to get to know some of my sisters through pomping together. My high school was never big on traditions so it was really exciting to see all the old traditions we still use today and get to be a part of it like walking in the parade!”

Not only was it our homecoming game, but the Hogs totally took that win!!! Yeah, it kickoff was at 11 a.m., but honestly that win totally made up for the early wake up call. I talked to a sophomore to see what she thought about the game. Alexis Christopher said, “Saturday was a beautiful day for a football game. It was great to see the student section filled, it really made the atmosphere come alive, not to mention the Razorback win really put all the students in good spirits!”

Chi Omega: Homecoming 2018

  Homecoming 2018 was filled with pomping, bonding, lots of love, and hard work! This year was special to me because of the bonding that went on during the many hours of pomping. I had the opportunity to meet so many of the new members as well as hang out with my own pledge class, and the upper classman. Coming together to build something incredible is worth all of the hours spent in the basement of Chi Omega! We built structures of the hog in different places which was so much fun. We had one of him in front of the pyramids, the Eiffel tower, and even in front of Old Main which was cool to see come to life after all of those hours of placing tissue paper in chicken wire!

In addition to pomping, we nominated Matty Cato, who ended up winning Homecoming King. All of our members were posting graphics on social media for him and supporting him so it was amazing to see the excitement that everyone shared when they announced him as homecoming king!

The parade and pep rally were other fun events that brought us together as a sorority, and it was awesome to see everyone cheer for Chi O together as well as being excited about homecoming with all of the chapters of Greek life. The rain really couldn’t stop us from having fun! All in all, homecoming was a complete success and this time of year is great for bringing us together as a sorority and the celebrating a hog win was just the icing on the cake!

Delta Delta Delta: Homecoming 2018

This homecoming process has been a busy ride for the Tridelts. While we are working all day to build our floats we have also been working to open our house the 28th for House Dedication. Tiffany Smith, the homecoming chair, has been the mastermind behind organizing all of our floats and designs. The banner committee made over 11 banners in just 2 weeks. We were so happy to have our very own Emily Daniels be a part of the Homecoming Court. If I could think of anymore more energetic and deserving of that honor I would have easily picked Emily Daniels. I loved watching the community of Tridelt come together and back Emily.

Pomping can be a great time for members to get to know each other and I learn this every year as I tirelessly cut up paper and go through the motions. We all met up on Friday to go to the parade and while it may have rained we found the joy in it all. A lot of our members this year are a part of ASG and actually helped Abigail with the pep rally and parade. Last year we bonded a lot as a sorority. When we didn’t have a house we had to be intentional with the time we got to spend with each other and now we rally behind having a house once again.


I can speak for everyone when I say how genuinely grateful we are for Panhellenic and the opportunity to get to bond over time spent pomping, painting, volunteering, or just merely spending time together.

Delta Gamma: Homecoming 2018

After several weeks of hard work and dedication, Delta Gamma and Sigma Nu completed Homecoming 2018! This year the homecoming theme was “A Place You Call Home” and Delta Gamma was beyond excited to create designs of our true meaning of home! We decided to create 4 different structures to help tell our story of “A Place You Call Home.” This is a quote from our Director of Homecoming, Shelby Owens, explaining this more in detail, “Our theme played off photo albums and pictures. I feel like that is always something that reminds you of home; your walls are always decorated in pictures and you can usually find a photo album nearby. Photos capture a moment and turn it into a memory. With this being said, we picked a couple of our favorite things about the university to be displayed in those “photos” on the lawn. These structures consisted with designs of Old Main and Senior Walk!”


Delta Gamma members made some of their best memories this semester, during homecoming. Kyndal Hetmer, VP Panhellenic said “The night before the structures had to up, about 5 of us stayed at the Sigma Nu until 2:30 am to get everything done. We were all freezing, but it was fun working with the Sigma Nu pledges. We were delirious too from sleep deprivation so that just made everything even more funny, but it was so amazing seeing all of our efforts shine through in the end!”

We are ecstatic to celebrate Homecoming next fall at our new house on the corner of Maple and Arkansas Ave!!!

Kappa Delta: Homecoming 2018

All the craziness of last minute all night pomping sessions, and of course late night coffee and Whataburger runs, was totally worth it and I already can’t wait for homecoming next year! With another year comes another tradition on the Hill! This one being my personal favorite- HOMECOMING! There are a lot of great things about going to school here, but one of the best is all the festivities of Homecoming, especially as the campus is starting to get a little chillier and the leaves start to change. It is so great!

Being a senior this year, my last Homecoming is very bittersweet. Although it will be the perfect weekend to come back after I graduate, there is nothing quite like being hands on and apart of Homecoming week and all the fun, hard work, and pomping that comes with it! I will never forget my freshman year when I had to pomp for the first time. Hearing the upperclassmen explain what we had to do was pretty hysterical considering all the freshman had no clue what they were talking about. But it is a tradition that is so fun! Homecoming that year brought me some of my best friends in Kappa Delta to this day. We spent so much time getting ready for Homecoming that it really helps you get to know the girls around you. Nothing like making friends over glue, pencils and tissue paper! But all that tedious work really pays off when it is all put together. I never imagined what tissue paper could turn into until the day of the parade! And to see all the other chapter’s creativity with their floats is really cool as well. It really makes you proud and so excited to be a Razorback! It truly is the best time of year.


My last homecoming as a college student has come to an end, but the memories I have of homecoming never will. I am so thankful to not only be a Kappa Delta, but to be apart of a school with such rich traditions and spirit. Happy Homecoming!!

Kappa Kappa Gamma: Homecoming 2018

This year’s University of Arkansas Homecoming was one to remember! This tradition is special to all students, and Kappa definitely was celebrating all weekend long. Pomping was an awesome time for all pledge classes. Everyone came together and created a beautiful Old Main pomping presentation. A lot of hard work, laughs, and dedication went into this annual tradition.

Kappa is also so proud of our sister and executive member, Kate Truitt, for serving as the Student Alumni Association Homecoming Coordinator! Kate not only dedicated herself to Kappa festivities, but also made the entire event possible for all students. The pep rally was another highlight of the weekend, and Kappa showed up proud with blue and blue posters and props! This was another awesome opportunity for our members of all ages to come together and get to know younger and older sisters.

 And last, but certainly not least, the most special moment of the weekend for Kappa was watching our sister, Lydia Fielder, be crowned as Homecoming Queen. Our sisterhood could not have a better woman representing our values, passions, and purpose on the Homecoming court. Lydia was recognized at the pep rally, and we could not have been prouder. The football game was so exciting watching her receive her crown and be recognized in front of all students, fans, and alumni.  Homecoming is a tradition that gives the University of Arkansas its culture and passion. Kappa was simply proud and humbled to have been a part of this tradition, and we cannot wait to continue celebrating the place that has given us so much!

Phi Mu: Homecoming 2018

Phi Mu, with the help of Fiji and Omega Psi Phi, had the best time getting ready to celebrate homecoming this year, especially with this being the first year with our house and having the opportunity to proudly display our hard work in front of it! Members enjoyed getting to spend time with sisters while pomping, and the opportunity to meet the lovely ladies of our newest pledge class. Our big and little week falls in the middle of pomping, so it was super fun to see each of the new members get so excited during the week about who their big was going to be, and talking to girls to see if they could get it out of them. The gentlemen of Fiji were kind enough to grill out one night and have hotdogs and hamburgers for each member at pomping. This was such a cool way to take a break from the craziness of homecoming and meet the new members of Fiji as well!

Our fearless leader Justine Montgomery and her committee were incredible and organized, and coordinated the pomping of 4 massive structures. Justine says, “My favorite part of the whole process was going from seeing a design on paper to seeing the structures up in our very own front yard for the first time. The ladies of Phi Mu worked so hard on this and I am so proud of them!” One of the coolest things about pomping for homecoming is seeing our chapter come together and make our structures. Everyone works so hard and diligently, and seeing our finished project is the most rewarding feeling.

As mentioned earlier, we loved having the opportunity to celebrate our first homecoming in our new home, and display our pomping masterpieces in front of it. Thursday night before the structures were due, we had a huge speaker out on our front porch playing music while tons of sisters worked hard to attach our chicken wire creations to the wooden display boards. The work was so worth it! Our sisters were also excited to be a part of the parade and pep rally and come together with the rest of the Greek community here on campus! Phi Mu was so proud to be a part of this University of Arkansas tradition with these two amazing Greek organizations, and we are so proud of what we were able to accomplish!

Pi Beta Phi: Homecoming 2018

What a homecoming it was for Pi Phi! We had a wonderful time making great memories, from pomping to seeing one of our members on Homecoming Court, and everything in between. Pomping, though it seems like endless hours of boring work, was so memorable. During the time we spent creating our structures, we laughed, got to know each other better, and even watched some movies. Wednesday was the big day when we were able to present all of our hard work to everyone on campus. All those hours really did pay off!

The Pep Rally was personally one of my favorite parts of homecoming. Girls from every pledge class came and it truly made for such a fun and memorable experience. We were able to spend time with the mascots we know and love, catch some time on the big screen, and even came up with our own chants. It was also a blast getting to see our members on the spirit squads do such a great job. We loved getting to show so much love and support for our hogs!

We were so dang proud to see one of our favorite girls, Kaley Ferguson, on homecoming court! Not only does she embody all of our Pi
Phi Values, but she is also an incredible representative of the University of Arkansas. Kaley was shining at the parade and pep rally, showing a smile from ear to ear the entire time. We are so happy for her!

Zeta Tau Alpha: Homecoming 2018

The weekend of Homecoming is without a doubt the best time of the year! The weekend that is filled with family, friends, football, and nonstop fun.  This year’s theme, “A Place You Call Home”, was the perfect theme for every student and alumni to enjoy. Friday night, 130 zetas rallied up to the house to get ready for the parade. Although it rained, the show went on! After the parade, was the pep rally where we got to show off our excitement and really kick off the celebration!

Although the events of the weekend are worth wile, what makes the best of memories is the weeks leading up and all the preparation that goes behind the scenes.  When discussing Homecoming details with Senior Mckenna Ramsey she stated, “I have never felt so close to my pledge class than when I got to know everyone through all the hours spent pomping. It is tissue paper galore for at least a month straight. I have loved pomping so much that I was the Homecoming Director for Zeta my sophomore year! Creating our yard art and parade entry takes a lot of time and dedication but is beyond rewarding in the end!”

Another great plus to displaying yard art is driving around campus and seeing all the hard work the other sororities and fraternities put into their decorations. The theme stands true, the University of Arkansas is a place that everyone can call “Home.”

Alpha Chi Omega: Homecoming 2018

Our very first homecoming in our house was definitely one for the books! To kickoff homecoming weekend we had our house dedication and r...