Monday, July 17, 2017

Delta Gamma Spring Semester Recap

If you ever get the chance to talk to an alumna of Delta Gamma, then you will be able to see the joy that radiates when they speak about returning to Arkansas. Perhaps the most indicative factor of the success of re-establishing the DeeGee chapter is the experiences the women enjoyed this Spring.

The social events paired with other IFC and Panhellenic organizations received high attendance from members. Some of the functions included: Delta Dollars with Kappa Delta, Teenage Dream with Alpha Chi Omega and Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Spirit Animal with Phi Mu and Sigma Nu.  Collegiate member Bianca Ramirez said she attended each function because she enjoyed making new friends with members of other sororities and fraternities.

“My favorite part was letting loose and having tons of fun with my sisters.” Ramirez said.

In addition to social events, the women of Delta Gamma were involved within the Greek Community with their particpation in Greek Sing alongside the women of Chi Omega and the men of Beta Theta Pi. DG collegian Lauren Saulsbery said working on the Hairspray inspired dance and singing routine with both Chi O and Beta was so fun it allowed them to win 3rd place in Greek Sing.

“I really enjoyed the whole experience,” Lauren Saulsbery said. “A lot of the Betas and DG girls ended up hanging out a lot after pracices and even after Greek Sing was over.”

With a year worth of memories, one of the sweetest to watch this semester was claiming the lot of where the future home of Delta Gamma will stand: 625 West Maple Street. The Alpha Omega house will stand directly across from the Sigma Chi Fraternity House and will display the original Golden Anchor that stood in front of the DG house 25 years ago.

“It is an exciting time to be a part of something bigger than myself,” Director of House Management Nanci Flores said. “All the women of Delta Gamma are working hard to enhance the experience of our members.”

Delta Gamma’s Golden Anchor Ball signaled April 28th as the final event of the Spring Semester. 

“I loved seeing everyone dressed up,” Miriam Gonzalez. “It was a great night with my sisters!”

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