Meet the 2018 Panhellenic Blog Writers

Alpha Chi Omega

Alexis Campbell

Major: Journalism
Grade: Freshman
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Instagram Name:
Favorite Food: Tacos
Favorite Celebrity: Beyoncé
Favorite Quote: “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? I absolutely love the fantastic friends I have been able to make through the University of Arkansas, the gorgeous campus, the perfect trees to hammock in, and the delicious coffee from Arsaga's at the Law Library.

Alpha Delta Pi

Hailey Collett

Major: Political Science
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Chanhassen, Minnesota
Instagram Name: @hailey.c.collett
Favorite Food: I eat pretty much everything, but I cannot live without clementines. 
Favorite Celebrity: Matthew McConaughey, I mean come on, it doesn't get better than that. 
Favorite Quote: “The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” -Amelia Earhart
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? I love, love, love everything except the hills, and even those aren't so bad after a while. (Plus it's a lot warmer than the tundra that is Minnesota).

Alpha Omicron Pi

Mica Vitug

Major: Journalism News Editorial and Political Science
Grade: Freshman
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
Instagram Name: @mochavitug
Favorite Food: Chicken, literally all of the chicken.
Favorite Celebrity: Childish Gambino (Fun Fact: I can rap every line of every one of his songs).
Favorite Quote: “In Omnia Paratus."
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? I love how everyone is so supportive of others' passions. I also love that everyone loves coffee as much as I do.

Chi Omega

Emily Brewer

Major: Communication Disorders
Grade: Freshman
Hometown: Lonoke, Arkansas
Instagram Name: @emilyybrewer
Favorite Food: Pasta
Favorite Celebrity: Julianne Hough
Favorite Quote: “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible.'"- Audrey Hepburn
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? I love the diversity in all of the awesome students here. I love that the University of Arkansas provides so many opportunities in college as well as opportunities we will take with us after we graduate. I also think it's cool that our University is so strong in tradition and rich in love!

Delta Delta Delta

Kat de Sonnaville

Major: Journalism Ad/PR
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Instagram Name: @Kat_deSonnaville
Favorite Food: All things PASTA
Favorite Celebrity: Nicole Kidman
Favorite Quote: “If I had to choose between her and the sun I'd be one nocturnal son of a gun."
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? When I toured the university, I fell in love with the trees and the uncountable number of Chaco’s. When I came to the University of Arkansas, I found myself falling in love with all the little niches that make up the study halls and lounges. Did you know there’s a red nap-room in the Architecture building, a fireplace in Gearheart and lots of quiet little study rooms in Kimple? You know you’ve made it when you can find a quiet place to study during finals week :)

Delta Gamma

Bianca Ramirez

Major: Hospitality Innovation and Communications 
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Plano, Texas (Basically Dallas, but not literally Dallas, Dallas).
Instagram Name: @heyyitsbiancaa
Favorite Food: Movie Theater Popcorn and Pickles
Favorite Celebrity: Kerry Washington (Olivia Pope)
Favorite Quote: “Be a #BossBabe today."
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? I truly love the University of Arkansas because I have found my home away from home here. I’ve met some of my absolute best friends, had unforgettable experiences, and discovered my best self within these past two years here in Fayetteville. Most importantly, I am forever thankful for the Panhellenic Community for giving me opportunities to grow, give back, and empower women during this special season of my life. 

Kappa Delta

Julia Bianchi

Major: Business Marketing
Grade: Junior
Hometown: McKinney, Texas
Instagram Name: @juliabianchi
Favorite Food: Sushi
Favorite Celebrity: Ansel Elgort
Favorite Quote: “She believed she could so she did."
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? Coming from a suburb of Dallas, I love the feeling of being somewhere like Fayetteville that is so different than the city. I love the hills, and the trees and being on a campus that is big enough but not too big. I also really wanted to be at a school that was in the south because I love saying that I go to an SEC school!

Kappa Kappa Gamma

EJ Turner

Major: Journalism Ad/PR
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Dallas, Texas
Instagram Name: @emmajaneturner
Favorite Food: Chocolate Chip Cookies
Favorite Celebrity: Every Kardashian
Favorite Quote: I have told you these things so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.” -John 16:33
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? The Lord has used this place to grow me, provide me with the greatest friends I will ever know, and to give me a new place to call home. My favorite part about this University is the people that fill it and the friendships it has given me!

Phi Mu

Mary Fracchia

Major: Journalism PR
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee
Instagram Name: @maryfracchia
Favorite Food: I wanna say salad, but I also LOVE Cool Ranch Doritos.
Favorite Celebrity: Justin Bieber and Post Malone
Favorite Quote: What you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful." -"Slide," The Goo Goo Dolls
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? I love the University of Arkansas because it has the experience of a big SEC school with the environment of a small town community. After I visited Fayetteville for the first time, my college decision was so easy. Most importantly, I have met some of the most incredible people and gained relationships and experiences that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. 

Pi Beta Phi

Caroline McCarty

Major: International Business
Grade: Freshman
Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas
Instagram Name: @caroline_mccarty
Favorite Food: Popcorn
Favorite Celebrity: Harry Styles <3
Favorite Quote: “What is done in love is done well."
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? The welcoming feeling you get just by walking through campus and all of the small businesses around Fayetteville. 

Zeta Tau Alpha

Megan Morris

Major: Journalism Ad/PR
Grade: Freshman
Hometown: Shallowater, Texas (Lubbock)
Instagram Name: @meglizmo
Favorite Food: TEX-MEX!!!
Favorite Celebrity: Ellen Pompeo (Meredith Grey)
Favorite Quote: “You were made for such a time as this."
What do you love most about the University of Arkansas? I love the University of Arkansas for its unique culture and environment. If you have ever lived anywhere else, you know that there is nowhere else quite like Fayetteville. It is so artistic. 

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