Sunday, May 13, 2018

Alpha Chi Omega: Semester Recap

Spring 2018 was a busy and amazing semester for the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Arkansas. We raised lots of money for our philanthropy, initiated 16 sweet new members, created tons of memories, and bonded as sisters for life!

Sista Sista
From making T-shirts at B-Unlimited to bowling, our sisterhood events kicked butt! (literally- we went kickboxing!) We loved meeting each others momma’s when we celebrated Mom’s Day with a brunch at Sassafras Vineyard. We also went on a weekend wilderness retreat at Camp War Eagle, where we ziplined, played capture the flag, performed hilarious skits, (i.e. a door chant to the yodeling boy song) and ate s’mores by the campfire!

Big Philanthropy Girls
It was a semester full of philanthropy! Our annual philanthropy event, Volley Against Domestic Violence, was super successful with our best ever attendance! Seventeen teams competed in our volleyball tournament to raise money for the Peace at Home Family Shelter located here in Fayetteville. This semester we also supported Peace at Home directly by volunteering at their Barbecue competition to raise money. We also put on our first ever “Say Sno to Sexual Assault” to bring awareness to the issue of violence against women, men, and children. We passed out free snow cones in the union and made T-shirts to hang for The Clothesline Project. AXO even received the first place award for Greeks Give Back Week, a whole week in which all the fraternities and sororities give back to the community.

I Only Love My Bed and My Sisters I’m Sorry
In February, Alpha Chi celebrates MacDowell Month, a month in which we honor our founders’ musical heritage by showing our love and appreciation for the fine arts. We went on a tour of Crystal Bridges with our alumni and using the hashtag #AxoHeartsTheArts on posts, Alpha Chis went out to theaters, museums, and performances all over the community. Many of our girls participated in Greek Sing, where they sang and danced to covers of Beyonce, (we even placed fourth woo!!!) and also Sigma Chi’s Derby Days where we danced to covers of Drake! We are extremely proud of our dancers in Greek Stroll who received first place!

And They Were Roommates…
Here at the University of Arkansas, Alpha Chi Omegas are huge Vine enthusiasts! We dressed up as all of our favorite vines for one of our functions, and also had a sisterhood event at the KKG house to eat snacks and watch all of our favorite vines! Speaking of roommates, we absolutely can not wait for our house to be finished this summer! 722 W Maple St here we come!!!

Alpha Delta Pi: Semester Recap

As always, this semester was filled with sisterhood and pi love. Our semester was packed with tailgating our favorite razorback games, binge watching our favorite shows in the TV porch, trips around Fayetteville. In addition to bonding with our own sisters, we also hosted a block party with our neighbor sororities, Delta Delta Delta, Zeta Tau Alpha, and Chi Omega.

This year Alpha Delta Pi celebrated our 60th anniversary with our philanthropy, the Ronald McDonald House Charities. In support of RMHC, this semester we hosted events like Pi Day and Pancake Palooza where all are welcome to enjoy treats at the house.

This semester we partnered with Sigma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Alpha Psi, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Greek Sing. We rocked out to Queen and brought home the gold!

To finish off our semester Alpha Delta Pi hosted our annual Black Diamond Formal. Our sisters celebrated the semester with a night of dancing at the Walton Arts Center.

Alpha Omicron Pi: Semester Recap

Founder’s Day
Our chapter went to Sassafrass Vineyard and celebrated our Founder’s Day on February 18th. It was a day full of great food, great friends, and great fun. While that phrase might be overused, this time it was the perfect description of the day. You could feel the true sisterhood beaming from all of the girls.

Mom’s Weekend

To honor the women who raised the girls who make up our chapter, you could see a piece of AOII in every single one of them. We had a fun little mixer at Sassafrass Vineyard with all of the mom’s and all of the girlies to mingle at. One morning, we went to Brush and Board to express our creative side with our moms.

Wingin’ it with Alpha O
Our spring semester philanthropy dinner, which benefitted Juvenile Arthritis Research, was a huge hit. With 500 pounds of wings, we were able to express the abundance of Greek unity on this campus.

Chi Omega: Semester Recap

Being a part of Chi Omega has been fun all year, but this semester was definitely one for the books! As a new member, I started off the semester being officially initiated into this awesome sisterhood and learning all of the history and traditions that come along with being a Chi Omega. 

Next, I was able to use my years of competitive dance to be a part of Greek Sing. Chi Omega was paired with Pike and we had the opportunity to sing and dance to Chris Brown songs which was a blast! Soon after Greek sing, I competed in Derby Days as well which was all about dancing. Our theme was “Sigma Chi Smokeshow” so we danced to a ton of hot themed throwbacks which was a ton of fun. 

Finally, I had the opportunity to celebrate Chi Omega turning 123! This night was so special because we had all of our sisters there to celebrate as well as Chi Omega Alumni that spoke to us all about their journies which meant so much to me! This semester has been the best and I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Chi Omega has given me friends, fun, laughs, memories, and the strongest sisterhood and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Delta Delta Delta: Semester Recap

I can’t believe its May already! Let’s recap on all of Tridelt’s great achievements. We won Fiji Carol of the Greeks, Order of Omega Award of Excellence, Order of Omega Most Philanthropic Chapter, not to mention all of our campus involvement. We have 7 women in ASG, 2 members on exec for Hogz End Alz, and over 100 women attended our 4.0 dinner honoring them for their hard work in the Fall. We had a girl studying abroad in Spain and several girls get accepted into nursing school! When we go out each semester we pride ourselves on sisterhood and community. We couldn’t do half the things we’ve accomplished without each other. That’s not everything we’ve accomplished but it’s a short highlight over some stuff we’re pretty proud of. 

This semester we didn’t have a house so we took extra care to get to know one another. We held spa parties, bachelorette movie nights, roller blading sisterhoods and spent intentional time together to prove a strong relationship can foster without the presence of a house. 

Personally, I feel closer to my sisters than ever before and I accredit that to how much time we spend together throughout the year and this semester. I’m going to have such a hard time saying goodbye to all my sweet sisters this week. Next semester I look forward to meeting up with all sisters (In our new house!!) and talking about our summer stories; may they be embarrassing or exciting. I speak for everyone when I say we truly love the sisterhood that lives at the University of Arkansas Delta Delta Delta.

Delta Gamma: Semester Recap

Wow! What a semester for Delta Gamma. This semester Alpha Omega had our 2nd Annual Anchor Splash, broke ground for our house coming fall of 2019, and celebrated our 145th Founder’s Day. Delta Gamma is “doing good” at the University of Arkansas and we are here for good!

Anchor Splash is a major fundraiser of Delta Gamma collegians where fraternities and sororities compete in swimming events such as 100-yard Medley Relay, Wet T-Shirt Relay, save a DG & Synchronized swimming! Fun Fact: Anchor Splash is one of the most recognized philanthropic fundraisers in the Greek community today. This year’s winner was Phi Mu Fraternity coached by my sisters, Victoria Guerra and Lindy Wagner. Victoria said, “Anchor Splash is a really fun opportunity to continue my love for swimming while giving back to Service for Sight. I love getting the chance to interact with other members in the Greek community. It was so much fun seeing Phi Mu get so hyped up and involved for a philanthropic cause that I am beyond passionate about!”

April 21st, 2018 was such a monumental day for Delta Gamma, Alpha Omega. We celebrated the groundbreaking of our brand-new house at the corner of Arkansas Avenue & West Maple Street! Vice President of Communications, Abby Evans, told us, “It was so amazing to finally break ground on our lot. This moment has been a long time coming and it was such a special moment to celebrate with our alumnae. I can’t wait for the doors to open in the Fall of 2019!”

In addition to our Groundbreaking, on this very special day Alpha Omega also received the lovely opportunity to celebrate Founder’s Day! Delta Gamma would not be where we are today without the love, hope, and passion for sisterhood from our three founders, Eva, Mary, Anna in 1873.  Alpha Omega’s President, Taylor Johnson said, “It was my privilege to speak on behalf of the Alpha Omega chapter! Our chapter will love this house as much as Texans love Texas and we thank the Greek Life community for all of the support! I am beyond excited to see DG make its mark once again on Maple Street!”

Delta Gamma is truly thriving here at the University of Arkansas. With this just being our second year on campus, we are definitely doing our part within the Greek community. From placing 2nd in Greek Sing to receiving the Award of Excellence at Order of Omega, we cannot wait to see what is in store for Alpha Omega in the coming years! #DoGood

Kappa Delta: Semester Recap

This semester reminds me of the expression “time flies when you’re having fun!” I can’t believe summer is almost here! We experienced a lot of “lasts” in our Kappa Delta house this semester. In just a few weeks, our house will be torn down completely to begin building a new one! We are so excited, but sad to be saying goodbye to the house that we love so much. We got to hold a groundbreaking ceremony that captured all the memories in the old house, as well as introduced us to everything our new house will entail! We were so thankful that we all got to gather together to celebrate such an exciting time as a chapter! 

Another event that we hold every spring semester is our Shamrock dinner. Shamrock is our biggest philanthropy event that helps raise money for the Child’s Safety Center and Prevent Child Abuse America. We call it a KD block party because we sell tickets to everyone we know to come out to the house and enjoy some good food, music, and this year, donuts! But most importantly, it raises a ton of money for two great causes! 

A tradition we have every year for the girls that live in house is our stair mattress slide. If you have ever seen Princess Diaries 2, it is exactly like that! A few girls grab their mattresses from their beds and take turns sliding down the stairs! Creativity is key, I have seen people go down backwards, standing up, sitting, any way they can think of! This is always one of the most fun and memorable events we have, especially this year because it is the last time we will do it in this house! I already can’t wait to be back here in the fall. I sure will miss this place!