Sunday, March 26, 2017

Zeta Tau Alpha Pilates for Pink

During Zeta Mom’s weekend, our Epsilon chapter celebrated our moms, enjoyed some yummy food, and of course shopped like crazy. But, our most exciting event of the weekend was our First Annual Pilates for Pink! 

Since our mommas were already staying at the Chancellor Hotel, it only made since to rent out the hotel’s ballroom to make everything all the more convenient. We had an awesome instructor, Lisa, from our local Fayetteville Pilates and Barre come and teach! 

This fundraiser was for our philanthropy, Breast Cancer Awareness and Education. Although it was centered around Mom’s Weekend, everyone was invited! Young, old, boy, girl, expert athlete, or the expert Netflix marathoner ;-). 

We had some amazing support from others in Greek Life, which just made it even more awesome and impactful. We made over $450 for our philanthropy from our over 90 participates and it was a blast! 

Our philanthropy chair, Alix Arnold, did such a wonderful job organizing, planning and setting a foundation for the coming years as we hope to continue this tradition and eventually celebrate a 50th anniversary for Pilates for Pink!! 

This is just one of many philanthropy events we put on throughout the year. A few others we do is our passing out our Zeta Think Pink ribbons, Bowling Tournament, Think Pink booths, and our Pink Pancake breakfast. Thanks to everyone for coming and helping make a difference, we can’t wait to see you next year!    

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Kappa Kappa Gamma Reading is Key Week

The Gamma Nu chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma celebrated its “Reading is Key” week with basketball tournaments, pancake dinners, and by spending a morning reading and crafting with kindergarteners at a local elementary school. This week is significant to Kappa Kappa Gamma’s philanthropy, which is Reading is Fundamental, because it was an interactive and exciting way for the university’s Greek life to come together and support our philanthropy. All money raised during this week went toward providing books for children, who are lacking in literacy resources, across the nation.

“Reading is Key” week started on March 5 with the “King of the Kourt” basketball tournament and fundraiser. Fraternity members competed in this competitive bracket leading up to the championship game, where Kappa Sigma took the victor’s seat and bragging rights.

Next on the agenda was “Breakfast for Books,” a five dollar breakfast for dinner event. Kappa’s dining room was filled with laughter and conversation as guests enjoyed their pancake meals. This is one of our sorority’s largest and most important philanthropy events each year.

Lastly, members of Kappa Kappa Gamma spent Friday morning at Grace Hill elementary school to read and interact with kindergartners. After a morning filled with reading and crafting, each kindergartner was gifted three books and a CD with the books recorded so that they could follow and listen along as they read.

These events played a large role in Kappa Kappa Gamma’s mission to encourage and enable children’s literacy across the country. We are so proud of our awesome philanthropy chairs, Emily Wish and Katherine Gilbrech, for devoting their time and efforts to making this week exceptional and productive!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Pi Phi Pizookie

Imagine your two favorite guilty pleasure foods mixing together and creating one delicious dessert. Stop imagining because a pizza cookie is real; it’s called a Pizookie. On Tuesday March 6, Pi Beta Phi hosted its second annual Pizookies with Pi Phi benefiting the chapter’s philanthropy, Read> Lead> Achieve.
       Friends and family gathered at the Pi Phi house to indulge in their very own oversized, warm cookie with sweet vanilla ice cream on top for the small price of $5.  Abby Ann Williams, Pi Phi’s Vice President of Philanthropy, was thrilled with the outcome.  Around 800 people lined up at the doors and Pi Phi raised over $3,900 for its philanthropy.
 For 100 years, Pi Beta Phi’s Read>Lead>Achieve philanthropy has raised awareness and given back to the community in the field of children’s education and literacy. The sorority’s overall vision is to lead the way to a more literate society. 

“Our philanthropy is important because it is useful and unique. We target children's literacy at the prime age of intervention, before testing is necessary for the students. We provide useful and applicable ways to teach literacy that follows National Curriculum. And we see that children's literacy isn't just about teaching children to read and find a passion for it, but bringing ultimate life change. We are about the development of children as a whole by targeting a key part of their learning and we are so thankful to be a part of it,” Abby Ann Williams said.
            Pi Phi Pizookie is just one of the many ways Arkansas Alpha Pi Beta Phi supports children’s literacy. In the fall semester, Pi Phi hosts its annual 5k during University of Arkansas parent’s weekend. Thousands of people sign up to run 3.1 miles through campus in support of raising awareness and money for children’s literacy.   Members also participate in Champions are Readers, a month-long enrichment program for elementary students that encourages children to develop daily reading habits. Another way Pi Phi gives back to children in the NWA community is by participating in Miracle League, a program in which members spend a Saturday morning playing baseball with children who have mental and/or physical disabilities. “Pi Phi’s philanthropy is my favorite part about being in this sorority. Children are our future and Pi Phi recognizes how important they are. There is nothing like sparking a child’s interest in reading or playing ball with them on a Saturday morning,” Alex Miller, Junior Pi Phi said. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Volleying Against Domestic Violence with Alpha Chi Omega

           Healthy Relationships Week, a national effort by Alpha Chi Omega, is seven days of raising awareness for domestic violence. The week inspires individuals to define what healthy love is through the “Love is…” campaign. The Delta Rho chapter of Alpha Chi Omega at the University of Arkansas celebrated Healthy Relationships Week by setting up “Love is…” booths by the Arkansas Student Union to promote the idea that all men and women are worthy of healthy relationships. Students could take pictures holding up a sign with the words “Love is…” and were able to write in their interpretation of what love means. Alpha Chi Omega celebrated the end of Healthy Relationships Week with Volley Against Domestic Violence in the HYPR Center on February 18th, 2017.
            At first, sports and Domestic Violence Awareness seem almost unrelated; however, to Alpha Chi Omega, they have a lot in common. Volley Against Domestic Violence (VADV) is a volleyball tournament to raise awareness for our philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness. Started by sisters of the Delta Rho Chapter, the idea of VADV is to raise awareness for AXO’s philantrhopy, Domestic Violence Awareness, while having fun with the UofA Greek organizations. Julia Baird, Vice President of Philanthropy for Alpha Chi Omega, noted the cause also connects organizations, “This [Volley Against Domestic Violence] is a chance to interact with other Greek Chapters and host them for a fun time while raising money for something we care so much about. Having sisters coaching, reffing, and cheering on the teams really shows our sisters' genuine and fun attitudes for a good cause.”
Every organization competed fiercely for a donation from Alpha Chi to the winning organizations’ philanthropies After numerous exciting games, the women of Kappa Delta and men of Lambda Chi Alpha claimed their titles as champions of the 2017 Volley Against Domestic Violence. Alpha Chi generously donated to both organizations’ philanthropies. Overall, everyone walked away from the event sweaty, but happy to have bonded over an honorable cause and friendly competition.
While there’s friendly competition and excitement at this yearly event, Megan Mikkelson, Chapter President of Alpha Chi Omega, emphasizes that raising awareness for domestic violence is serious and essential to the chapter’s presence at the UofA. “This [Domestic Violence Awareness] is so meaningful because we believe that our generation constantly needs to be reminded of the love around them and needs to be informed of what’s healthy and what could hurt them.” Through Volley Against Domestic Violence, AXO’s main goal is to show that by uniting for a cause, together, we can make domestic violence less of a taboo subject and encourage young men and women on the University of Arkansas campus to seek help if they’re in a harmful relationship.
 Volley Against Domestic Violence is an opportunity for Alpha Chi Omega to show the UofA that domestice violence is a serious epidemic in the United States.“I felt that Volley Against Domestic Violence was a perfect way to show how serious these issues are while incorporating fun. Domestic violence shouldn’t be taken lightly. 1 in 4 women will be affected in their lifetime,” Allison Frye, a member of Alpha Chi Omega, explained, “and there were well over four women in that gym, which means many people right here on campus could be impacted by domestic violence. We’re raising awareness for our community members.”

Alpha Chi Omega’s motto is “Together Let Us Seek The Heights”. Through events like VADV, Alpha Chi encourages everyone to seek the highest of heights in all their relationships. AXO supports healthy relationships for all men and women and advocates for Domestic Violence Awareness to give voices to those whose lives have been taken or risked due to relationship “Together Let Us Seek The Heights” means that no one is left behind in seeking the journey to happiness and health. Thinking back to what the “Love is…” campaign stands for most, the Delta Rho chapter of Alpha Chi Omega defines love as unity.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Phi Mu Miracle Man

On November 16, the Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Mu held their annual philanthropy event, Miracle Man. Miracle Man is a male pageant, where men from different Greek Life organizations participate in a talent, outfit of choice, and an interview. It was awesome to see these men and the chapter of Phi Mu put on a great event for a great cause!

The event started out with a group dance of all the contestants. They danced to songs like “Man I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain, and “It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls. This opening dance was a great way for the men to show off their personalities and they did not hold back. Contestants shimmied, did their best runway walk, and showed off their best poses in this opening dance. Next was the Talent Round. The Talent Round consisted of singing, dancing, and a lot of laughs while the men individually showed off what they did best at. Some reenacted parts of movies which included the Blades of Glory skating routine, the Elf singing shower scene, and the Miss Congeniality water glass talent scene. Other talents included putting 26 marshmallows in his mouth, playing the guitar, and making a grilled cheese. All talents brought smiles and laughter to the audience, but only 15 out of the 22 could move on to the outfit of choice.

In the outfit of choice round, we saw the contestants dress to impress our judges. Contestants dressed in any way they wanted too. We had contestants dress as if they were going to the beach, dress as if they were a trophy, and dress with a Phi Mu banner as a cape. Every contestant was able to talk about their outfit to our wonderful emcees Georgie Carrico and Stephanie McKee. Next, was the interview round. Only 5 constants moved on to this round. Questions included “Canes or Zyaxby’s?” and “If you were on a deserted island, what is the one thing you would have with you?”. In the end, we could only have one winner which was Cooper Lanetfield from Sigma Alpha Epsilon who won everyone over by dressing as a Trophy for outfit of choice. Congrats on being the 2016 Miracle Man Cooper!

This year Miracle Man raised $10,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Phi Mu’s Philanthropy Chair Breckin Lippoldt did an amazing job coordinating this event! Phi Mu is so proud of you Breckin, and thank you to everyone who came to support this fun philanthropy event!