Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Phi Mu Sorority House

The women of Phi Mu had some very special guests at Mom’s Day on Saturday, February 21, 2015. In the midst of a day filled with adorable pictures, delicious food, and wonderful quality time between Phi Mu daughters and their mothers, members of Phi Mu National Council made a presentation that has been a dream for many collegians, moms, and alumnae alike. With the presentation, the council announced the beginning of construction of a sorority house. This announcement elicited cheers from everyone in the audience. 

Phi Mu’s new home will be located on the corner of Maple and Leverett, and construction will begin in the near future. The property was fenced off on February 6th, and on February 18th, demolition of the previous structure began. Now, as of February 24th, the property displays a sign that reads, “Future Home of Phi Mu, Coming Summer 2017.”

“[The women of Phi Mu] are all so incredibly excited to finally be in the process of building our house,” freshman Kathryn Fairlamb said, “as it will just add to the amazing sisterhood we have built here over the last 3 years.” This sentiment is shared by all of the members of this sorority, and the women hold onto this tagline—“We built our sisterhood before we built our house.”

Exciting things are coming for the Alpha Beta chapter, and its members could not be more thankful.

Written by Caroline Halford, Phi Mu

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